Spacer A man renowned for his knowledge loved to converse with the wise men. One day a boy was brought before him.
Spacer "This child has great learning," he was told...

Spacer "And who has he studied with?"
Spacer The man was informed that the source of the child's wisdom was natural.
Spacer Immediately the man questioned the child. The boy's answers were simple, elegant, beyond ordinary comprehension. Hungrily, the man continued his questioning. However, the child grew bored.
Spacer "Let's play a game," he said. "You hide and I will find you."
 The man laughed. "It is better if you hide first and I will find you. After all, I am knowledgeable in six kinds of magic."
  "No. You go first," insisted the boy.
Spacer The man snapped his fingers, disappeared, and entered another world.
Spacer The boy sighed. "It's not fair. Come back. You're not supposed to hide in the other world."
Spacer The man reappeared. The boy vanished, leaping into the heart of the man.
Spacer The man looked everywhere. He could not find the boy.
Spacer "Where are you?"
Spacer "I'm here." The boy's voice was near but muffled.
Spacer "I can't find you."
Spacer So the boy reappeared saying, "I was in your heart. If you do not look in your own heart first, then you will not find wisdom."

Spacer (Source Unknown)